It’s absolutely necessary and urgent for all of us to pursue ways of life that are good for the climate, economy and humanity, and to learn how we have to change if we’re not doing that. All we’ve been told to do and believe is not working in a positive way for the majority of Earth’s inhabitants, and we have to find better ways. We’re not messing around, this is urgent and our priority #1 to help get people moving by focusing intentions and removing distractions. Show your commitment.

I commit to thrive authentically by:

  1. Understanding and optimizing my personal situation: I want to learn how to be happy and productive without doing harm. I want to meet my needs, lower my negative impacts, build my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Everything is connected, everyone needs to be healthy and productive, and we all have a role to play.
  2. Finding my niche in The CLEAN Life*: I want to learn about behaviors, science, business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity and that are interesting to me and my unique situation, expertise, resources and experiences; 
  3. Participating and Sharing in The CLEAN Life*: I want to learn how I can decrease problem actions (behaviors that are bad for climate/economy/humanity) and increase target actions (behaviors that are good for the climate/economy/humanity) by participating in existing climate ventures or building my own. (Learn  more about the 3-Steps Program.)

*Broadly, the CLEAN Life is a path to a better future for all. We can’t change things with the snap of a finger, but we can envision what we want it to look like and work towards it. We all have a role to play. In this community, we can empower every single person to discover their purpose in order to be happy, healthy and productive on their own terms. More specifically, The CLEAN Life is when we’re all learning about and taking target actions (those that are good for the climate, economy and humanity) in whatever we do and choose, and when we’re building Climate Ventures (that are good for the climate, economy and humanity) to help advance life on Earth.

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Innovation Panel – June 12 2019 – Carbondale, Illinois

The Innovation Section, with keynote and panelists, will wrap up the day's events at The Climate Economy in Southern Illinois - Creating Resilient Business, Jobs and Communities. The cultivation of southern Illinois' rich natural resources and waste streams  are...

Education For Change

The Climate Economy is education for change. Earth's climate is changing unnaturally fast because of human activities, mainly the burning of fossil fuels, causing increased global temperatures and altering life-sustaining ecosystems. The actions we take now will...

Stop Using Oil – A Spreadsheet

Recently, a bunch of oil blew up in Saudia Arabia, so suddenly US shale oil producers are all: OK let's ramp up production, more oil and natural gas! How about an alternative to that option, since: Nearly half of U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions are from petroleum...

The Obsolescence of Ignorance

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge or information according to Ignorance is dangerous because it can result in people making bad choices and taking actions that harm themselves and others, and it is completely unnecessary. We don't have to get mad if...

Shop Local – Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

Since it's Labor Day, we're going to talk about how the shop local movement is not just about shopping; it's about people doing jobs that are rewarding, useful, entrepreneurial, and less impactful on the environment, while contributing to community growth and...

Carbon Sequestration Gets the Gas

Some say that we have to focus on not only reducing our emissions, but on capturing carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere or being created by manufacturing and energy processes. This is known as carbon capture and sequestration (CCS; check out the Global CCS...

Metro East Climate Economy Event – #2 of 3 – May 27, 2020

Meeting 2 of 3: Focus on Local Community Investment and Funding StrategiesMay 27, 2020 | 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Details and RegistrationDate: Wednesday, May 27, 2020Time: 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.09:45 a.m. | Event opens10:00 a.m. | Welcome10:05 a.m. |...

Energy Panel – June 12 2019 – Carbondale, Illinois

Here are some details about the energy panelists and topic areas at the upcoming June 12 event in Carbondale: The Climate Economy in Southern Illinois - Creating Resilient Businesses, Jobs and Communities. Our energy panel is going to help us look at our current...

Electric Vehicles Dent the Market

Just today we're hearing: Tesla Passes Ford by Market Cap Before Musk Delivers Model 3. Ouch, who would've thought! Now you never know if that will stick but it's a pretty substantial moment. Why should we be thinking about electric vehicles (EV's)?  Well, for...

Fossil Fuels Aren’t Cheap

Do you want cheaper energy? Maybe you need to go clean. Google "fossil fuels aren't cheap" (with quotations) and you get something like 300+ results.  Why is that? Lots of fossil fuel folks say we need to keep them around because they're so cheap.  Who's right? Well,...

Why the Climate Economy #3: Jobs

The Climate Economy is an infinite and transformational opportunity for jobs. You can pursue your passions and develop your own business, develop your community, or you can participate in may of the industries at the helm of the Climate Economy. For example, energy:...


With summer upon us, you may be looking for vacation ideas. Not to rain on your parade, but your vacation is probably not going to be great for the environment. Most mass-market tourism, the way we often practice it nowadays with no-holds-barred travel, accommodation,...

Key Takeaways, Presentations, Videos from June 12 2019 Event in Carbondale

Fifteen presenters helped to set the stage for community resilience in southern Illinois.   One senior executive from St. Louis said: This is the best networking I've ever had.   Panel discussions provided ideas and perspectives on energy, economic...

Climate SWOT

Here's a skill we're going to need more of in the future: Climate SWOT. What's SWOT? It's a tool for competitive analysis. It's a business analysis where you consider: Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats - Read more on Investopedia. What's Climate SWOT?...

Blockchain for Energy

If you're interested in computer science, this post is especially for you! If you're not into computer science, you still need to read on... Blockchain, according to Wikipedia: is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of records, called...

Why the Climate Economy #5: Um, Climate.

We humans kind of need planet Earth to be healthy so that we can all, well, survive. If the planet gets really sick, the only ones who will survive will likely be those hydrothermal vent creatures and super rich who can escape to the moon or Mars. Do you fall into...

What is the Circular Economy?

The Circular Economy takes the old fashioned linear take-make-dispose model and turns it circular, designing out waste and optimizing resource use. It's not just recycling, it's more like designing the product from the start to be zero-waste. Businesses save money by...

Biochar – Expanding Our Economic Choices

Biochar is an example of flipping our traditional way of thinking on its head. There are so many crazy things that humans do in mindless ways that result in damages to the environment. All we have to do is think differently. We have a choice before us now,...

Visions of the Climate Economy: An Incredible Illustration of the Benefits of a Low-Carbon Future

The New Climate Economy's report: "Unlocking the Inclusive Growth Story of the 21st Century: Accelerating Climate Action in Urgent Times" is one of those reports that I'm reading from cover to cover, with lots of highlighting and written-in thoughts and ideas. So many...

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Find your niche in the climate economy, where it’s a win-win-win for climate-economy-humanity.

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

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Read brief introductions to the multitude of climate economy opportunity areas.

3-Step Program

Learning about the 3 steps to a low-carbon lifestyle. Easy to start!

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St. Louis Metro East Kickoff – Event #3

The Climate Economy

Green Architecture...

Solar Fuel Cells...

Clean Energy Education...

Local Food Economy... – “3-Step Program Towards a Low-Carbon Lifestyle”

Just like that favorite breakfast cereal of yours is part of a complete breakfast, is part of a complete low-carbon lifestyle strategy. Here are three steps that will help you to make the best choices to thrive authentically in a world with a changing climate.

1. Understand your needs and impact.

Evaluate your personal/business needs, and how you can cut unnecessary waste.

Ask questions.

Seek out truth in a world of disinformation.

Know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a world with a changing climate.


2. Be a star in the Climate Economy.

Explore and learn more about what you love, and how it fits in The Climate Economy.

Try things out.

Measure and evaluate.

Specialize and create value in your area of expertise. 



3. Share and Participate

Build community.

Build connections.

Build trust.

Contribute your expertise. 


Metro East Kickoff – Event 2 of 3 – Local Community Investment and Funding Strategies – May 27 2020

Presenters and PanelistsA million thanks to our keynote presenter and our panel of experts! Listen to author and economist Michael H. Shuman discuss local community investment strategies.  Michael Shuman is an economist, attorney,...

read more

Metro East Kickoff – Event 1 of 3 – Regenerative Organic Agriculture – May 13 2020 – And Funding Resources

Much appreciation and thanks goes out to our esteemed presenters and panelists! Presenter L. Hunter Lovins Natural Capitalist Solutions, President, Founder, Author Watch the video on YouTube. Hunter talks about regenerative agriculture, gives examples of...

read more