October 2, 2020
Contacts: Aur Beck, AES Solar, 618 893 1717,; Amy McMorrow Hunter, The Climate Economy Education Inc, 618 713 2896,

Local solar business wants to donate solar systems worth $20,000 each to local nonprofits that can generate the most community support over the next two weeks

Points that local nonprofits and their supporters can earn on their behalf over the next two weeks through donations, education and promotion will help determine who gets the systems

Aur Beck, the founder and chief technician at AES Solar is giving away at least two solar systems to local nonprofits. It’s part of Coal2Sol, a program that Aur has been doing since 2009 and now aims to establish permanently with the help of a local nonprofit focused on education. To help establish Coal2Sol as a permanent southern Illinois program a crowdfunding campaign is underway until October 16th. If Coal2Sol can raise at least $3,000, then the program will be eligible for an additional $100,000 grant. 

Tax-deductible donations that people make to Coal2Sol count as points for their favorite nonprofit, and the nonprofit with the most points will be the first to be considered for the solar systems. A match of $1,500 is being provided by a local supporter of the project. Thanks to the donations of three generous donors so far, the fundraiser has $836 more to raise. One large donation by a local supporter has put the Women’s Center of Carbondale at the front of the pack for a solar system. A running tally will be posted on the fundraising webpage over the coming weeks.

A small donation to Coal2Sol could go a long way for a nonprofit that receives a $20,000 solar system at no cost to them! Nonprofits and supporters can also earn 50 points by taking an easy “solar ambassadors” course to learn about the benefits of solar, and supporting solar and the campaign by helping to promote it on social media with hashtag “#Coal2Sol.” 

Nonprofits that install solar can benefit from lower operating costs, protection from rising energy costs, and improved perception in their community. Aur Beck is dedicated to helping nonprofits and those in need. “Since I was 15 I knew I wanted to do energy education and help disadvantaged people. In recent years I’ve been able to facilitate 2 or 3 donations of solar systems a year. My dream is to do a lot more.”

The goal will be to provide 1) the solar systems through donations or outside investment, 2) education about solar for communities and nonprofits in need, and 3) scholarships that will prepare coal workers transitioning from closing coal plants and other individuals in need to become solar installers. Whatever funds are raised will help to establish a permanent home for education about solar and Coal2Sol at The Climate Economy Education Inc, a local nonprofit for education on business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. President/CEO of The Climate Economy, Amy McMorrow Hunter, said, “We’ve got tons of work to do to switch to clean energy, and this is a fun way for people to get involved and learn more. We hope locals will pick up the torch for their favorite nonprofit and get them in the running.”

There are several ways people who support nonprofits can earn points for their favorite nonprofits:

  1. Donate and dedicate your donation to a nonprofit. The website address for donations is Each dollar donation dedicated to your nonprofit counts as a point.
  2. Sign up your nonprofit on the “nonprofits” page on the AES Solar website. Nonprofits have the opportunity for a solar system at no cost to them. 10 points for signing up your nonprofit.
  3. Become a “Solar Ambassador.” Register on, The Climate Economy’s online education platform, and complete the Solar Ambassadors Beginners Course, about an hour of your time. Worth 50 points for your nonprofit per course completion.
  4. Post about the Coal2Sol campaign on social media. Share the campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with friends and family, using the hashtags #Coal2Sol and your favorite nonprofit’s handle. Worth 10 points for every unique social media share.
  5. Like us on social media. Follow and share social media: AES Solar on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and The Climate Economy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Worth 5 points a new follow.

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The Climate Economy Education Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for education on business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. We aim to accelerate the transformation to a clean economy by helping every individual find their niche and participate in community and global climate ventures.