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Find your niche in the climate economy, where it’s a win-win-win for climate-economy-humanity.

The Climate Economy is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit for education and experimentation on business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. Our mission is to empower every individual, through youth-led community-based generative change, to build wealth and live their purpose in service to all life on earth, nurturing nature and human well-being. We call that “thriving authentically.” 

All of the resources we provide are free (supported by sponsors and donations). We encourage you to take the ideas and use them in your own communities. Please connect with us so we can share ideas and progress!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

Our People and Growing Network

Founder and President/CEO: Amy McMorrow Hunter
Board Members: Chris Walls; Adam Stone; Tina Carpenter

Partners/Collaborators (past and present): University of Illinois Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability, Science Center, Boys and Girls Club, Southern Illinois Community Foundation,, Downstate Caucus of the Illinois Climate Table, Carbondale Spring, Southern Illinois Cooperative Business Fund, Prairie Rivers Network, Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, Women for Change, Carbondale Park District, City of Carbondale, Sierra Club Shawnee Group, Carbondale Spring, the Poor People’s Campaign of Southern Illinois, Faith in Place, Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, Touch of Nature, Cristaudo’s and the Southern Illinois Collaborative Kitchen, City of Harrisburg, City of Carbondale’s Sustainability Commission, Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association, AES Solar, Solarize Southern Illinois, StraightUp Solar, Just Transition Fund, Women’s Health Naturally, Energy Resources Group, Macedonia Development Corporation, Food Works, Carbondale Spring’s Food Autonomy Initiative, Community Development Sustainable Solutions (CDSS) East St. Louis, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, SIU’s Sustainable Communities Center (SIUeSCC), Citizens Utility Board, Land for Learning Institute, GreenOurPlanet…, a local business directory and pollinator, donates 50% of all package revenues to The Climate Economy Education Inc.

Our main offices are in Makanda, Illinois (southern Illinois).