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Find your niche in The Climate Economy, where it’s a win-win-win for climate-economy-humanity.

The Climate Economy: A Primer

The Climate Economy Education Inc (TCE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation for education on behaviors, business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. Using our climate venture map, here’s what we do, how we do it, and why:

  • Vision
    • TCE envisions a future where people work together with family, friends and their community on new “climate” ventures that build a healthy environment and resilient communities for current and future generations. We call that “thriving authentically.”
  • Target Action
    • We aim to get people starting or participating in climate ventures and taking target actions that are applicable to their lives and meaningful in their communities. Target actions reduce harmful emissions, increase community resilience and increase human connections.
  • Problem Action
    • Burning of fossil fuels for electricity and transportation, the biggest contributor to climate change, has to stop, as well as other unnatural processes, and be replaced with better alternatives. These “better alternatives”  and best solutions will vary by person and by community and business, so it’s complicated and takes time. Also, there are many who profit from this old system that are openly fighting against change and muddying the waters. The majority of people are concerned about climate change, waste and clean energy but many don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to ask. This is a massive change, people may not even know about it, and people already are burdened by enough troubles. People just worry, they think they can’t really make an impact or it’s too late. They get angry, feel hopeless and give up. They feel that change is just scary and takes too much work. We end up maintaining the status quo, even though we know there are better ways.
  • How We Cause the Change We Want To See
    • Help everyone embrace the change to clean energy and climate by making it easy and beneficial to them, their families and their future. Give them a platform where they can work together on building new projects and ideas. Educate people about the many opportunities, benefits, ideas and “climate ventures” they can try out in their own lives or their communities. Show them what’s worked elsewhere. Help people learn more about what interests them personally and to develop their expertise and spend more time doing things they love doing.  Make it easy and worth their while for people to participate. Find ways to motivate and trigger people to take target actions that reduce emissions, increase community resilience or increase human connections. Make it possible for them to cause measurable, positive change with people they trust on things that effects them personally in their daily lives. Take the worry, fear and complacency out of change.
  • Priorities, Inflows and Outflows
  • Mission
    • TCE’s mission is to help everyone, everywhere generate and participate in people-centered climate ventures through education and programs so every individual achieves prosperous net zero emissions in their lifestyles and work in order to bring and keep all the Earth’s natural systems in balance for current and future generations.

Founder and President: Amy McMorrow Hunter
Board Members: Chris Walls, Executive Director, Science Center of Southern Illinois; Peter Gregory, Humidtown Ventures; Adam Stone, Author, Producer, Filmmaker, Attorney

Partners/Collaborators: Science Center, Boys and Girls Club, Southern Illinois Community Foundation, ShopCarbondale.com, Downstate Caucus of the Illinois Climate Table, Carbondale Spring

Our main offices are in Makanda, Illinois (southern Illinois).

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The Climate Economy is education to cause the change we want to see in the world.

Earth’s climate is changing unnaturally fast because of human activities, mainly the burning of fossil fuels, causing increased global temperatures and altering life-sustaining ecosystems. The actions we take now will determine the severity of change in the future, and whether we will thrive as a species or be overcome by unwanted change. The changes that we can make to reduce the severity will be good not only for the climate, but also for the economy and humanity, so there is no good reason not to make these changes.

Change can be good, and people can change with the proper motivation. The change we focus on will work to make things better for everyone/everything/everywhere/for future generations, paying special attention to:

  • those who are most oppressed by our current systems,
  • those who are already experiencing hardships because of climate change, and
  • those who will lose jobs because of the transition.
The Old Way The Climate Economy Way
  • Energy from fossil fuels
  • Planned obsolescence and endless waste
  • Plastic economy
  • Big Ag
  • Conformity and Exclusion
  • Winner-takes-all/Competition
  • Immovable Massive Institutions
  • Stagnation, maintaining the status quo
  • Scarcity
  • Clean energy, zero emissions
  • Circular Economy, zero waste
  • Bioeconomy
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Cooperation/Collaboration
  • Change and nimble ventures
  • Re-creation and continuous discovery
  • Abundance

What does The Climate Economy look and feel like?

As a result of the climate economy, we’ll have:

  • Lives more connected to nature,
  • Cleaner air and water,
  • Clean energy and fuels for electricity and transportation,
  • A more sustainable and healthy food supply,
  • More meaningful, well-paying jobs,
  • Better youth engagement,
  • Less waste,
  • Healthy soil,
  • Locally sourced food and necessities,
  • Appreciation of Indigenous peoples,
  • Climate justice for society’s most vulnerable groups,
  • People who choose to put their passions to work for the betterment of society, and
  • Cohesive, cooperative, resilient communities.

Can you picture it?

What are the benefits of The Climate Economy?

In The Climate Economy we talk about new and changing business models that are a win-win-win for climate-economy-humanity. Here are some “wins” we can imagine that would be brought about by the climate economy:

  • Climate Wins: reduced pollution, safe drinking water, flourishing forests, biodiversity, stable climate. In the climate economy, we work not only to protect nature, but also to help it flourish.
  • Economic Wins: new jobs, new industries, regenerative agriculture, sustainable resource use, removal of inefficiencies, waste optimization, recycling. In the climate economy, a job is not only to build wealth, but to fulfill our purpose in life.
  • Human Wins: Purposeful work, community involvement, lifelong learning, better health. In the climate economy, we work not only for ourselves, but for the betterment of all humanity.

Businesses that aim for these wins will win the future! Upcoming generations will demand them.

Who is The Climate Economy For?

In the race to preserve the climate for future generations, there are excellent strides being made at the international, national, state and local levels. TheClimateEconomy.com is for every person out there who may already have a business, need an idea for a business, students who need research ideas, or community groups looking for new projects. It’s for the people, by the people! People of every age, race, gender, location, and political stripe can benefit from a transition to the climate economy. All areas of expertise will be needed. It’s about things you can do. The opportunities are literally infinite. Some ways you may benefit from The Climate Economy:

  • “Eco” your business: Explore new business models to design out waste, improve efficiency, save energy, etc.
  • Benefit from positive PR: Responsible companies are getting all the love nowadays. Especially from younger generations.
  • Prepare for the future carbon credits economy: It’s coming, and you’ll do well to be prepared to take advantage of it.
  • Create new markets: Open up paths to new products and services to create new opportunities and revenue for your ideas or business.
  • The Climate Economy is a new world of ingenuity, learning and cooperation there for the taking by those willing to work for it. You don’t have to “settle in,” you can continuously advance and improve things. Use your brain to its full potential like it’s meant to be. It’s like a second chance, or a new leash on life. Grab it.

Are there volunteer roles in The Climate Economy?

We are training individuals to play important roles in the development of their own lives and communities

Volunteer opportunities and other ways to support Youth Climate Economy Ventures include

  • As Youth Leaders: Youth Climate Economy Ventures is teaching the leaders of tomorrow how to create lifestyles, communities and business models that are good for the climate, economy and humanity.
  • As Youth Mentors: Individuals with expertise can work with student-led groups to bring forward Climate Economy ventures.

Volunteer opportunities and other ways to support the CLimate Economy Action Network (CLEANetwork.com) include:

  • As Community Catalysts: Each community is unique and will require unique Climate Economy strategies. Individuals can train to lead Climate Economy efforts in their communities.
  • Verifiers: An entirely new system of value, finance and accounting is needed that properly values climate-, economic- and humanity-related factors.

How to Get Started

Explore the Library, where you can find introductions to many Climate Economy ideas and concepts. Find your niche, and dig into it. Explore jobs, businesses and events.

Discover what moves you about the Climate Economy!  We’re here to help everyone who wants to be a part of The Climate Economy to find their niche and take their place in making history.

We are just getting started. It’s going to be an exciting time for current and future generations.

Disclaimer: We don’t know all, see all; we may make mistakes. We don’t necessarily endorse any technologies, ideas or companies that may be featured on the site. Be sure to read our Privacy Policy.

Questions or suggestions? Email theclimateeconomy@gmail.com or call (618) 713-2896 for more information.