Case For Support

What is The Climate Economy Education Inc’s (TCE’s) mission?

We work to educate and reward people everywhere for adopting behaviors, business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity, starting with the most vulnerable populations first.


How does TCE help people?

We help people find and live their purpose, save money, earn enough money, improve health and well-being. We’re helping to improve the entire world’s (nature, society, economy) overall well-being one person at a time.


What are our services?

We provide events, educational programs and an online platform for change at All4.Earth. These free and unlimited services help people understand how our world is changing, find their niche in new and changing industries and jobs, and to participate and share in building a better world for all. Our services help to build and support efforts for youth-led, community-based, bountiful change.


What is our track record?

TCE programs have educated thousands of people. 


Why do we deserve your support?

We are very careful stewards of funds, with every dollar tracked. We will never give up on humanity, and we will never stop trying to help people. It’s a changing world, and we want to be certain we’re supporting the right things. Supporting people and activities that are good for climate, economy and humanity is a win-win-win.


What are our plans for the future?

We aim to speed up as much as possible the transition to a economy that works for the benefit of all life on earth, in order to ensure the prosperity of future generations.


How do we use financial contributions?

Contributions (80%) are used to pay staff, volunteers and interns fair and family-supporting wages to train people to help themselves and others, and to develop new educational programs and partnerships.  A portion are used for (20%) for fundraising and administration.


What is your slogan?

One for all and all for Earth!