CLimate Economy Action Network – CLEAN

CLEAN exists to serve as the online meeting place to accomplish all the business and lifestyle changes that are required for humanity to slow down and cope with climate change. We (as in all of us concerned about climate change) need one place where we can coordinate these activities, and here it is. All are welcome, as long as you’re interested in solving problems and creating a better future for all.

CLEAN connects people with other like-minded people, nature, and ideas that they can run with so that we can all learn to thrive in a world with a changing climate. We’re all about working together, learning new things, trying out new ideas and sharing our work. The world we’re creating depends on three things:

  1. Exnovating the fossil fuel way of life. Remove the tentacles of control and greed that have defined this industry dinosaur.
  2. Building up a new world and way of working and living that works in positive ways for humanity, the environment and the economy.
  3. Climate Justice – vulnerable communities come first in The Climate Economy. They did the least to cause climate change and are getting the worst of its problems.

The idea is to get people in with their specific interests and specialties, get them discussing topics and coming up with ideas, then forming groups, either around ideas or locations. Groups can then develop specific plans, hold events, etc. Also, this platform is set up to deliver online courses. The Climate Economy can assign members to certain levels where they can moderate their own groups, post their own educational materials/courses, etc. So for example, if you want to run a particular group, if you can bring in enough interest around the topic, then we’ll start a new group for you to run. The Climate Economy will be using online contacts, kickoff events, Science Center high school group events, meetups and other events to feed into this network.

The Climate Economy will moderate, and has sole authority to delete anyone or anything out of the network at any time. This is meant to be a network for people interested in taking positive action in The Climate Economy, creating a future where business models and lifestyles are beneficial for the climate, the economy, and humanity. Topics and groups will revolve around ideas and/or problems that need to be solved, so that everyone can find an area where they can contribute. It’s about creating our future through love, ingenuity, cooperation, and exnovation. It’s all about building a thriving world with healthy humans, economies and environments! Come join the fun.

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