Target Groups for All4.Earth (or GreenVenturing.Earth, whichever is better)

The goal of All4.Earth is to help people get ideas and get involved. To mitigate and adapt to climate change, humanity has to make massive changes in our behaviors. Having a place to learn, find out what others are doing, and joining or starting efforts will make it easier for people to get ideas and get involved.

GroupYoung adults, age 13-18Adults/ParentsPartners/Sponsors (local businesses, schools, nonprofits, youth clubs, etc.)
Target Group  ConcernsYouth concerned about life and future, but mainly wanting to have funImproving their communities / homes, climate resilience, experience for college-age student mentorsBeing a successful business or organization, climate resilience, making enough money to survive, bringing in new customers, developing new products, being competitive, etc.

--Create our future that's climate resilient

--Build resume

--Make new friends

--Cause the change


--Thrive authentically (live their purpose and earn a good living while nurturing human health and nature)

--Simplify and improve life

--Feel safer and more prepared for climate change


--For college students, building their experiences and resumes

--Show commitment to community and people and environment (not just $)

--Participate in strengthening local resilience - long-term thinking

--Reduce risks from climate change

--Explore new partnerships and business opportunities

--Get new customers by sponsoring All4.Earth programs



--Earn points taking action on All4.Earth or in the community (through partners/sponsors)

--Participate in groups and projects (climate ventures)

--Get your parents involved

--Shop at sponsors/partners

--Help raise donations - peer campaigns

--Earn points 

--Participate in climate ventures

--Share your expertise through mentoring or other involvement

--Shop at local sponsors/partners

--Get your kids involved

--Donate to TCE

--Help raise donations - peer campaigns

--Pay monthly or annual sponsorship fees (for "basic" program) and/or lump sum donations for customized program

--Add incentives for your customers to use All4.Earth (and tell customers about your sponsorship/involvement)

--Participate in groups and projects, start climate ventures