Youth Climate Economy Ventures (YCEV)


Engaging high school students at the intersection of humanity, climate and economy to help them envision and design a sustainable, diverse, inclusive, and dynamic future






What is Youth Climate Economy Ventures?

Youth Climate Economy Ventures (YCEV)  is a joint program between the Science Center of Southern Illinois, The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale (and other youth organizations), and The Climate Economy. YCEV is designed to engage high school students at the intersection of society, climate and economy to help them envision and design a sustainable, diverse, inclusive, and dynamic future. Youth Climate Economy Ventures is based on the 3-step program of The Climate Economy:

Read a July 2020 update on progress.

Get Involved with YCEV in 2021

1. Understand your needs and impact.

Evaluate your personal/business needs, and how you can cut unnecessary waste.

Ask questions.

Seek out truth in a world of disinformation.

Know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a world with a changing climate.


2. Be a star in the Climate Economy.

Explore and learn more about what you love, and how it fits in The Climate Economy.

Try things out.

Measure and evaluate.

Specialize and create value in your area of expertise. 



3. Share and Participate

Build community.

Build connections.

Build trust.

Contribute your expertise. 


Engaging and inspirational presentations from experts in Climate Economy topics from global climate justice to blockchain, along with hands-on activities to learn to apply knowledge

Create groups around your ideas, get help from YCEV Mentors, and create new Climate Economy ventures.

After bi-monthly meetings you can work in online groups towards sharing the progress of your ideas at the Spring 2020 Youth Climate Economy Ventures Summit.

YCEV is also based on the Science Center mission:

“To nourish and preserve each child’s innate curiosity through hands-on, inquiry-based exploration.”

What Does Youth Climate Economy Ventures Do?

  1. Bi-monthly team building and training meetings take place at the Science Center. Meetings include a presentation or video screening, a discussion, and hands-on activities. These meetings are for high school students, and teachers or other individuals who want to learn more or help to mentor teams. These meeting will take place on every first and third Wednesday of the month, 5 p.m. for two hours, starting October 2 (except in January 2020, when we’ll meet on the 8th). Upcoming meetings:
    1. November 6: Circulab’s Introduction to the Circular Economy; Exercise: From Thinking Linear to Thinking Circular
    2. December 4: Climate Equity: Protecting the Most Vulnerable
    3. December 18: Topic TBD
  2. We help students organize teams with the help of mentors to develop new ventures that the students come up with. We provide online educational materials, access to mentors, project framework, and an online community. Between meetings teams can work online or in person together.
  3. The first YCEV Summit will take place in spring 2020 – Local sponsors, experts, YCEV teams, SIU students and faculty can participate to host workshops, present posters, etc. YCEV teams can participate in an elevator pitch competition and/or a poster presentation.

What’s Required of Participants?

  1. Attend meetings
  2. Create and maintain groups
  3. Participate at annual event

What Resources Do We Use?

Want More Information?

Call Amy McMorrow Hunter at 618 713 2896 or email